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Admission in Tasmania

The process for admission to practice in Tasmania is set out on the Supreme Court of Tasmania website. You should refer to the ‘Admission to the Legal Profession in Tasmania: Advice to Applicants’ on the website in the first instance. This will provide you with further information on the process and where to find further information relating to admission.

COVID-19: Service of Admission Documents on the Legal Profession Board

Supreme Court Rule 783AAD(2) requires that not less than 14 days before the hearing of an application for admission, an applicant for admission must file and serve the originating application and supporting documents on the Legal Profession Board of Tasmania and the Law Society of Tasmania. That requirement is reflected in section 30(2) of the Legal Profession Act 2007 (Tas) which also requires a person who makes an application for admission to the legal profession to forward a copy of that application to the Board and the Law Society.

Rule 135 provides that personal service may be effected by offering to deliver or delivering the documents to, and leaving it with the person to be served.

The Legal Profession Act 2007 specifically provides at section 640 that a notice may be served on the Board by delivering it personally or sending it by post to our office.

Given the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, physical access to our office is limited to one person at a time in our foyer for face to face service.

The Board will also accept service of the admission documents by post subject to it being received at least 14 days prior to the date of admission. The Board will process the application promptly and provide an acknowledgement of service via email to each applicant. Each applicant must provide their email address to the Board with the admission documents.

Where admission documents need to be served urgently, initial communication may also be by email with a complete scanned copy of the original documents (by way of informal service) to:

Enquiries should be directed to the Board on 6226 3000.

The Board’s postal address is GPO Box 2335, Hobart 7001. The post box is cleared daily.



Issuing of Practising Certificates

The Board does not have a role in the granting or issuing of practising certificates. The Law Society of Tasmania, as the Prescribed Authority, is the appropriate body to manage enquiries in relation to practising certificates. Information can be found on the Law Society’s website or you can contact them directly on (03) 6234 4133 or via email at

The Board also does not have a role in assessing the academic qualifications or practical legal training necessary for admission. The Board of Legal Education are the appropriate body to manage enquiries in respect to this. Enquiries can be directed to Luke Rheinberger, Secretary of the Board of Legal Education, on (03) 6234 4133 or via email at