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Redacted Decisions and Forms

Redacted Decisions

New Determinations

Determination 48 of 2017
Summary dismissal of allegations of conduct which occurred more than 3 years prior to the making of the complaint.

Determination 44 of 2017
Summary dismissal of allegations about disclosure of a practitioner’s costs where the costs are less than $1,500.

Determination 35 of 2017
Summary dismissal of allegations against a practitioner acting for the opposing party in relation to communications with the Court and the number of failed applications made, incurring significant legal fees.

Determination 32 of 2017
Summary dismissal of allegations of failure to communicate against a practitioner acting in a bail application. In this matter the Complainant failed to provide information about the allegations, despite being given a number of opportunities.

Archived Determinations

Determination 2 of 2017

Determination 42 of 2016

Determination 36 of 2016

Determination 35 of 2016

Complaint Forms

After contacting the Board’s staff, if you still wish to make a complaint about a lawyer in Tasmania you can complete the online form or download the PDF form.

The complaint form should be returned to:
Legal Profession Board of Tasmania
GPO Box 2335
Hobart   TAS   7000

Complaint Form

Authority form

Other forms

RTI Application Form