Independent Regulator

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Who is the Board?

The Board is the independent body responsible for receiving and investigating complaints about the conduct of lawyers in Tasmania.

What does the Board do?

Our main function is to receive and investigate complaints about lawyers and determine how they should be dealt with.

After the complaint is received the options available to the Board include mediation; intervention to achieve a resolution without a formal complaint; a hearing which could involve discipline of the lawyer or referral of the matter to the Disciplinary Tribunal or the Supreme Court.

Another important function of the Board is advising lawyers on appropriate standards of professional conduct. The Board will monitor emerging issues and trends in the legal profession and we conduct education programs for the community about client-lawyer relationships.

What can’t the Board do?

The Board cannot:

  • provide you with legal advice;
  • prevent a lawyer from commencing legal proceedings against you;
  • change any decision made by a court; or
  • order a lawyer to act for you.

Admission and PC’s

The Legal Profession Board is responsible for complaints about the conduct of lawyers, it cannot deal with admission to the legal profession or the issuing of practising certificates. To apply for a new or renewal of a practising certificate see the Law Society’s website. Information on whether a person holds a current practising certificate can also be found on the Law Society’s website.

If you are seeking admission to the legal profession, information about the process and requirements for admission can be obtained by contacting the Tasmanian Legal Practice Course ( or the Board of Legal Education (

Member Advisory Service for Lawyers

Please note that there is a Member Advisory Service which is a panel of senior practitioners who provide up to three hours legal advice, paid for by the Law Society, to practitioners who have received a conduct complaint. Contact the Society for details or access the Member Benefits section of the Society’s website.

Senior Practitioners List

Members appointed to the Senior Practitioners List will provide confidential consultations about ethical, professional conduct or practice matters to practitioners. Contact the Society for details or access the Member Benefits section of the Society’s website.