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Conduct complaints – panel hypothetical

Conduct complaints – panel hypothetical

The Board is joining with the Law Society in a professional development event on 5 September 2017 – ‘Conduct complaints – panel hypothetical – a practical guide to dealing with complaints’.  The hypothetical is part of the continuing professional development program for lawyers in Tasmania. It will be moderated by Mr Andrew Mead, a Senior Associate at Wallace Wilkinson & Webster. Panellists include: Gayle Johnston, Manager Operations at the Board; David Wallace, Partner at Wallace Wilkinson & Webster and Member Advisor with the LST’s Member Advisor Service; and Alison Clues, PII Scheme Claims Manager and Disciplinary Tribunal Member.


During 2013-2016 the LPBT received 223 complaints and dealt with countless questions from the public regarding the conduct of practitioners.  The majority of practitioners will face at least one complaint during the course of their career.


Don’t sweat – literally – but here’s what you can’t afford not to do when faced with a complaint.


Using scenarios based on Tasmanian statistics, this informative and challenging hypothetical navigates us through the quagmire of considerations on what to do and what not to do when faced with a conduct complaint. It also aims to demystify the complaint process and provide practical tips to assist you to effectively answer a complaint in the event one is made. Further information is available from the LST.